Friday, December 27, 2013

Howl's Moving Castle Book/Movie Review.

Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite movie ever. It has been for ever since I could remember. It is a Hayoa Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli Film so you won't find any bad scenes. It was originally a book by Diana Wynne Jones, which I currently have, and then it got many many awards and was turned into a movie. Also there is a sequel called Castle in the Air, which I haven't read yet. After the movie, Diana Wynne Jones decided to create a sequel to castle in the air, called the house of many ways. (Which I have too!) I think the books for this series are great! They are a little slow going but are targeted for the ages 10+. I think this book was very slow going the first five chapters, as for the movie was as well until near halfway, but when you got to a certain point, you couldn't get your eyes off the book or the Television screen. The movie was nothing like the book, but as always this is expected for movie producers have their own perspectives on book points and characters, especially from a book with absolutely no illustrations. Diana Wynne Jones was surprised at the perspective Miyazaki had at Howl's Moving Castle. "I was surprised at Miyazaki's Moving Castle, because I had not thought of the castle having feet. In the book I wrote, the castle is more like a hovercraft and floats an inch above the ground. But I am very fond of Miyazaki's castle. I have several models of it around the house. As for Howl and Sophie, both are gentler and more noble then the characters in my books. But I wasn't surprised by this. Movies are always different..." If I was this author I would be both shocked and happy about this film, shocked Miyazaki made it entirely their own, leaving out many details and key points which would have made the film entirely more interesting. Happy that my novel was chosen by Miyazaki! The movie was beautiful, heartwarming, epic, but a little disappointing. It was entirely its own apart from the book they left out battles, enemies, fights, love, humor, and heartwarming things that would have made Miyazaki fans love this movie much much more. But I think they did a good job, capturing the characters, except for Marcle. He was a huge disappointment because in the movie they made him like six, and in the books he was in his teen years. But they captured Marcle's funniness and kindness. Don't get me wrong, this was the best movie of all time, just a little disappointing for those who have read the book. I think they captured Howl is his bird-like form beautifully. A must see/read for the whole family.

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