Monday, October 14, 2013

Fan Art Contest!!!!

Who likes anime? Well, I know I do. If you do too, please draw a picture of your favorite anime character, or your own original drawing. You don't have to be good at drawing, because I will randomly select five drawings I think are the most creative, well thought out, and put the most work into. But please don't be sloppy and draw it fast, or you will not be chosen. The winners will get announced on this website, commented on their YouTube channel (If you have one), and will be put on the hall of fame page. The drawing out of the 5 I like the most will get everything above, plus, become a blog author and/or drawing producer. (I mean draw stuff for our blogs such as fan art, etc. If you want.)  Here are the rules:
1. Follow the rules or get disqualified
2. Make your drawing appropriate for children of all ages
3. Do not put your last name, email, phone, or any other personal information
4. Do not copy off of other art. (Inspiration is fine, but complete coping will not be accepted. Drawing of TV shows/video games is fine. But no copying off of art completely)
5. No self promoting
6. No making fun of things/people
7.  Fan art is acceptable but it may lower your chance of being picked if it doesn't have some sort of original twist..
8. No parodys, spoofs, etc.
9. put name of drawing in comment
Follow those rules and you may get picked! Please put your drawings in the comment below. URL is prefers. is a good place to submit art and copy and paste URL. To all who are wondering, the pic above was made by me....
*It does not HAVE to be anime, but its prefferd...

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